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Highlander Flashfiction

The Good Kind of Immortal Challenge

Highlander Flash Fiction
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Highlander Flashfiction challenges
Highlander Flashfiction
The Good Kind of Immortal Challenge

Welcome to the Highlander Flashfiction community!

This community has been modelled on the ncis_flashfic and sga_flashfic communities and will follow similar rules.

On Topic Content: All ratings, pairings, slash, gen, you name it, are welcome here, as long as the story satisfies the conditions of the challenge. AU, crossovers and Denial are also welcome and actively encouraged. Highlander: The Raven fic is also acceptable, but please make it clear in your summary.
The only thing we don’t want is bad!fic (unless we do a bad!fic challenge *g*).

No OT posts, please; only challenge responses should be posted here.

How Challenges Work: Challenges will be posted once every two months on a rolling basis; you have one month to respond to the challenge.
The story must be posted to the hl_flashfic community for the challenge (no links please) but you are free to crosspost your story to your own LJ, webpage, archive, or anywhere else.
The challenges will be formally closed by the Moderator at the end of the challenge period; you can keep posting until you see that formal closing message. After that message, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted.

Challenges will overlap, and you can post for any open challenge in any order before the closing deadline.

Please suggest challenges! Challenge suggestions should be posted in the comments section of previous moderator Challenge posts.

Posting Format: Please include "[Title] by [Your author name]" in the subject line of your post. All stories should be tagged by challenge name for future reference. Please include standard header information including pairing (if any) and rating and fandoms involved if it’s a crossover.

Please also put the story itself behind an LJ cut. Click here for LiveJournal's Frequently Asked Questions section describing LJ cuts and how to use them.

Please contribute Highlander stories of any length, including drabbles. There is no maximum size, but short fics are both welcomed and encouraged.

Regardless of the length of your story, please only post it in a single part; the LJ limit on post size is very large and should not be a problem for flashfic. If your story exceeds that size or needs special formatting that LJ can't accommodate, please feel free to post it as a separate webpage and post a link to the webpage instead.

Tags: The Moderators will create tags based on prompts, characters and authors (unless we get too many members) along with tags for crossover, AU etc. If you have a request for a specific tag that we haven’t thought of then please leave a comment on any admin posting and we’ll consider it.

Spoiler Policy: Spoiler warnings aren’t necessary, but good things. Although the series is finished, not everyone has seen every episode and the movies are still ongoing. Just use your common sense.

Advertising (Pimping) Policy: The only communities we will allow to be advertised on this community are writing-related Highlander communities. We want to limit non-fiction posts and to keep things on topic for our readers. In all cases of community pimpage, we regard it as polite to ask permission first, but anything that strengthens the Highlander writing community is generally a good thing.

To Contact the Mods: If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in any admin post; this means any post on the community whose subject line begins with ADMIN. Current Moderators are idontlikegravy, and strangevisitor7. You can also contact idontlikegravy via PM or email: highlander.flashfiction@gmail.com We should get back to you within a day or two at most.