Ficathon Time!!

Announcing the next


Are you bored? Feeling a sense of post-festive blues now that hlh_shortcuts is over for another year? Worried you won’t be able to find any new Highlander fic? Then worry not! We at hl_flashfiction have decided to run another Highlander Flashfiction Ficathon!

The theme of this ficathon is The Raven. Yes, that’s right it’s all about Amanda. It can be set at any time during her life and have any number of other Highlander characters (or other fandom characters) in supporting roles, but Amanda has to be the star of the show (isn’t she always?)

Signups will be in a week or so, but for now we need prompts so please comment below. If you’d like to see another character in particular then please feel free to add them to the prompt, and the same goes for any crossovers you’d like to see.

If we could all use the format ‘prompt; character(s)/relationship; fandom (if crossover)’ that would make my life easier!

Examples to clarify (I’m sure we all know this by now, but I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page):

Faith and charity; Amanda/Rebecca (meaning a slash relationship between Amanda and Rebecca)

Faith and charity; Rebecca (meaning Rebecca should be in the fic)

Faith and charity; Amanda & Rebecca (meaning friendship between Amanda and Rebecca)

Faith and charity; Parker; Leverage (meaning a crossover with Leverage that features Parker)

Thanks everyone and I’m looking forward to reading the prompts, so have at it!!

Ficathon CLOSED

The Second Banana ficathon is now officially CLOSED. Thank you to those who posted stories and I hope everyone enjoys reading them.

I have heard from one author who needed some extra time, so hopefully there will be one more story in a week or so. After that I'll post the master list and then we'll move on to the next challenge.
Other Fandom HL Tessa

"When Everything Was New" by Brightknightie (PG, gen)

Title: “When Everything Was New”
Author: brightknightie (Amy R.)
Beta-Readers: sholio and skieswideopen
Characters: Tessa, Duncan, Alexa, Martin Sorrel (from “Eyewitness”)
Prompt: “Alexa meets Tessa at an art show, either pre-series or season one.”
Warning/Rating: PG. Mild violence. ~5K words.
Summary: Tessa exhibits in the juried division of the 1986 Seacouver Art and Wine Festival.

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Last Call Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yup, we're into the home stretch now, there are just fourteen hours left until the ficathon closes!

As I mentioned before, if you're close to finishing but are worried you won't meet the deadline then please let me know.

Once all the fic is posted I'll post a master list for everyone.

Thanks to those who've contributed so far and I look forward to reading the rest :)

A Watcher's Prerogative [PG | Nick, Methos, Joe]

Title: A Watcher's Prerogative
Author: jinxed_wood
Character: Nick (and Methos, and Joe!)
Prompt: Nick – Amanda's Chronicle (Don't know who posted the prompt!)
Warning/Rating: PG
Summary: It's been three weeks since Nick's first death...

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ETA: Sorry, guys, due to mass anon spamming in the comments of this entry, I've disabled comments in this entry for the time being.

Four Days Left!

Just a quick reminder to those taking part in the hl_flashfic Second Banana Ficathon - you have just four days left to post your entries to the community. Posting will close at 10am BST(GMT+1) Saturday 13th August (I'm allowing a little extra time to compensate for time differences). Remember, this is an open posting challenge - when you're ready just post the fic to the community.

So far there's only been one fic posted (mine) so I really hope to see some more appear in the next couple of days. If you don't think you'll be finished before the deadline then please contact me by commenting here, PM me or email at and we'll come to an arrangement - I'd rather have late entries than no entries!

Good Luck finishing your fics, and I'm really looking forward to reading them all.
nick/amanda bath

Dexter's Progress by idontlikegravy

Title: Dexter’s Progress
Author: idontlikegravy
Beta: thanks to aeron_lanart
Character: Jeremy Dexter
Prompt: for jinxed_wood – Jeremy Dexter and Amanda first meet
Warning/Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dexter was apprenticed to a scrivener but he never wanted that life. Now Immortal, he sets off on his own to seek his fortune in London. It is a journey that will change his life forever…

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Notice to writers - Ficathon

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the closing date for posting is Friday Aug 12th (exact time to be decided later). That gives you all just under two weeks to finish and post your fics everybody!

If anyone is having any problems then please let me know by commenting here, I'm sure we can come to some arrangement about the deadline.

Due to recent events, I've created a mirror community on Dreamwidth - still [community profile] hl_flashfic, so if there are any more problems with LJ feel free to post your fic there instead. I'm also going to set up something on AO3 too, more details once it's done.

(Also, if anyone knows what the Dreamwidth style sheet equivalent of flexible squares is, can you let me know pls?)

ETA: If you need an invite to Dreamwidth please let me know as I've got loads for the asking!