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21 June 2011 @ 10:05 pm
Instructions to writers  
First, a mahoosive thank you to everyone who contributed a prompt. As you’ll see from the really, really long list, we’ve got lots to choose from, which is fantastic! In fact, we’ve got so many now that I’m putting them in two posts, listed alphabetically by character’s first (or only) name. Post one is Immortals and post two is Mortals.

You may pick as many prompts from the list as you’d like. Alternatively you can create your own prompt if nothing in the list gets your muses going or you really want to write for a character not listed there.

Remember the rules of the challenge: The protagonist of the story *must* be a minor character from the Highlander universe.

These characters may appear in the fic in a supporting role, but cannot be the focus of the story:

Duncan MacLeod
Connor MacLeod
Richie Ryan
Amanda Darieux
Joe Dawson

Any other Highlander character is fair game!

You can write as many fics as you’d like, as long as they meet the minimum 500 words and are complete and posted here before the end of the final day of posting: Aug 10th.

Posting begins from now, so as soon as you’re ready just stick it up! (All posts are moderated so there may be a small delay in it showing up here if I’m in work or asleep, depending on time differences!!)

Crossovers are allowed and encouraged – please state fandoms used in your header.

All ratings/pairings are welcome but please ensure that they are given sufficient warnings when posted.

All posts should have the following header please:


If anyone is in need of a beta, or is willing to offer their services as a beta then please let me know in the comments below.

I think that’s everything, so have fun everyone! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s fic. If I’ve forgotten anything or you have any questions then please leave a comment here or email me at highlander.flashfiction@gmail.com