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21 June 2011 @ 10:02 pm
Prompts: Mortals  
Prompts are listed by character's first name (or only name), those with multiple prompts first and then the rest after. If you'd like to know who suggested the prompt then please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you, or you can look at the comments to this post

Bert Myers

on learning Amanda is Immortal
You never call, you never write
The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Tessa Noel

"How can I make this sacrifice?"
"a room of one's own" (her workspace)
"having it all" means different things to different people

Charlie deSalvo

flirting with Amanda

Dr. Anne Lindsey - she has to hide another Immortal in her hospital.

adult Mary Lindsey (Anne's daughter) - wants to learn more about the man who gave her mother their house and gets drawn into the Immortal world.

Horton - chess

Amy & Claudia - After the last fiasco, Amy is given a very quiet assignment: Claudia Jardine. But Amy is unable to avoid breaking her Watcher oath when Claudia (who still doesn't carry a sword) is challenged and nearly killed by another Immortal.

Alexa - meets Tessa at an art show, either pre-series or season one

Randi McFarland - She wants to be a serious investigative reporter, not an eye-candy anchor. Why did she choose TV over newspaper or radio?

Sgt. Powell - rules exist for reasons

Rachel MacLeod - public service/local politics

Angie Burke - job hunting on that limited resume she mentioned to Richie

Lucy Becker (HL:The Raven) - turning 50 (the first time)

Inspector LeBrun - C'est la vie

Ian MacLeod - honour and duty

Heather MacLeod - no point in 'what if'