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21 June 2011 @ 09:51 pm
Prompts: Immortals  
Prompts are listed by character's first name (or only name), those with multiple prompts first and then the rest after. If you'd like to know who suggested the prompt then please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you, or you can look at the comments to this post


& Ramirez, and a cache of Templar treasure...(the observant will notice this prompt is given twice, this is on purpose!)
when the old ways return as fads and fashions
& Marcus Constantine - memories
& Rebecca - teacher and warrior

Corey Raines

Money can't buy friends, but it can get you a better class of enemies.
Today's horoscope: The past is about to catch up with you.
It was a simple plan, which is why he didn't understand how it could have gone so terribly wrong.


on the road to Paris
old gods and new
gives sanctuary to Amanda in his church
Vatican II
"good fences make good neighbors"
One thousand regrets.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Every chapter is another beginning.
& Marcus Constantine - understanding

Grace Chandel

old & new friends
Grace ("Saving Grace") &/or Claudia Jardine ("Timeless") &/or The False Methos ("The Messenger") - not carrying a sword can be a thoughtful or thoughtless choice
cancer research

Gina & Robert de Valicourt

travel and home
their reaction to Fitz's death

Hugh Fitzcairn

his favourite city
on the cards
one of his adventures before he met Duncan
Live on your toes, love on your knees, die on your feet.
Okay I paid the $20.00. What do the cards say?
If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance

Marcus Constantine

on meeting Nick Wolfe
& Ceirdwyn - memories
& Darius – understanding

Nick Wolfe

on meeting Marcus Constantine
road less travelled
Amanda’s chronicle


family lost
equal rights
the teacher must model virtue as well as preach it
Scáthach, teacher of Cú Chulainn
& Ceirdwyn - teacher and warrior


on Scotland, and other anomalies.
& Ceirdwyn and a cache of Templar treasure...

Other assorted Immortals

Alan Wells (The Innocent) – finding Mikey

Gregor ("Studies in Light") - no miracle cure

Jeremy Dexter(HL: the Raven) - How he and Amanda first met
[For those not familiar with the character: another immortal thief, friendly with Amanda, played by a younger Stephen Moyer in episode 1 X 18, 'Thick as Thieves'. I always thought they had tons of chemistry!] (mod’s note: I agree wholeheartedly!!)

Jim Coltec ("Something Wicked") - Alcatraz 1969-1971
Katherine (from Two of Hearts) - choices

Korda & Kronos - like looking in a mirror

Father Liam Riley – shoot some hoops

Michelle Webster ("Rite of Passage") - she hears that her parents need help (medical, financial, legal, crime or disaster victims, whatever); does she go home to them? an option few immortals have, a choice few face...

Mikey Bellows (The Innocent) – first death

Silas - haunting the woods

Sean Burns - Remember me

Claudia & Amy - After the last fiasco, Amy is given a very quiet assignment: Claudia Jardine. But Amy is unable to avoid breaking her Watcher oath when Claudia (who still doesn't carry a sword) is challenged and nearly killed by another
She went that-a-way...jinxed_wood on June 21st, 2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
Quick question - should we inform you of what prompt we wish to use, so to make sure there's no crossover, or do you have no issue with more than one person writing a prompt?

Enquiring minds want to know!

[And yes, I do have a prompt all picked out :-P]
But, I don't want to be a pie,: ecumenicalidontlikegravy on June 21st, 2011 10:14 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping that there are enough prompts to choose from that there won't be any overlap, and I think that the prompts are broad enough that we'll still get a good spectrum of fic even if there is :)

I contemplated asking people to let me know they're participating, but I want to leave it as open as possible - I'm hoping that the lack of pressure will encourage people to have a go, free from that 'argh I'm not going to finish' guilt and result in more fic *fingers crossed* :)
The other Weird Al: Highlander - Rebecca and Amandaaeron_lanart on June 21st, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
I'm tempted by that Rebecca and Scáthach prompt (it made me go ooooh), but I'm not committing to anything yet!
But, I don't want to be a pie,: amanda & beccaidontlikegravy on June 21st, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
I had a feeling it might when I was typing up the list *g*

I wouldn't want to do anything to lure you away from Siannon, but I do have chocolate *weg*